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Rhythm and Poetry

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I've been singing and rapping my whole life. When I was younger, my father would always play Old School Hop-Hop and Rap such as: Tupac, Biggie, Run D.M.C, Big Daddy Kane, and even the Sugar Hill Gang. But, it all sparked when I first heard "Till I Collapse" by Eminem. That's when I knew right there and then that I was infatuated. I was always good with analogies, similes, metaphors, basically comparisons and I always enjoyed telling a story. Fast forward in my life, it was definitely an arduous and saddening childhood with that being a story for another song or time.

We all start somewhere

My freshman year in High School. I've been to 3 schools; two in NY and 1 in FL. I started writing a lot more seriously in the 3rd school that I attended. Writing music, whenever I could, in between; my classes. During, lunch, or even in the middle of class. At that point in life, nothing mattered more to me than my music. If you could imagine, that extremely quiet kid with his ear buds in, avoiding any confrontation or conversation with anybody, well that was me. Music, was a coping mechanism that I used to avoid all the problems I was dealing with at the time. And a lot of music I was listening to (specifically Rap) I felt, I related too. You see, 'Rap' is basically "Rhythm and Poetry" as you write your poem and add a beat. Writing, general poems, ballads, you name it, I've mostly likely wrote one. But, implementing those poems to a beat was something else. It's just a whole another feeling when you write something so dope and it flows so well to the beat like a surfer riding that perfect wave.

"Hip-Hop Heads Never Die; We Multiply to Dominate." - Logic

I swear, acquiring that perfect beat that compliments the lyrics and then hitting the studio, just to spit it flawlessly, is the best feeling. But, when you release it into the masses and get the reactions, is even better. Positive or negative, we should never overlook them. I believe in staying humble and learning from any criticism our fans might tell us. If it's hatred or disdain that I see, then I learn from it and make it better and if they continue it, then it is what it is. That, isn't gonna stop me because you can't please everybody. You see, I love comedic raps and I highly consider myself as a satirist, as Hip-Hop has no boundaries, especially in battle rap. But then again, I also love influencing others, positively and spreading a noble cause, etcetera, etcetera.

You wanna make a difference?

We all come into this game with different reasons. Some take it seriously; some don't. Some do it for the helluva it and vice a versa. Well, there's gotta be a pretty good reason on why you're rapping. Just know, you're gonna have your draw backs. You're gonna experience failure and you're gonna feel like everything isn't worth it. Those trials right there determine if you're gonna make it or not because many people give up. That's the thing, you can't give up and you can't care on what other people think about you. If you wanna say that thing you wrote down on your pad, then say it, but you should also know the ramifications obviously, but it all depends on what it is. Many people might care and many might not, but again, who cares, "it's just words on a mic" - Eminem.

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