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The Beginning 

"No one will ever believe in you in the beginning; all that matters is that you believe in yourself and the rest will follow suit." - Indelic


To share my music with the world, alongside; aiding millions with an emotional connection with each song I write. Becoming an artist was only a dream; creating Indelic was only a thought. Both are now a reality that I wish to share with you. 



Indelic is not only an artist but a brand that is being expanded upon day by day. Revolutionizing music one day at a time. 

Surrounded by the culture of Hip-Hop music since the early 2000's, Indelic Records, created for the sole purpose to share his lyrical talent for the world to hear. In 2014, at the age of 14, Indelic, began his journey writing his very first song, inspiring to entertain millions from the dream he wishes to fulfill. 

Indelic is slowly endeavoring towards a time where "Old School Hip-Hop" can become a reality once more. Inspired from artists such as The Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, MF Doom, Big L, Eminem, Kool G, Big Daddy Kane and many other rap legends that were and still are praised for their lyrical delivery to date. We write not only to share our personal experience and contemplation's but to stay true to the Old School way. 

Indelic was only a thought until one day it seized to become a reality. From years of work put forth, I aspire to grow bigger and to provide a service to the fans who enjoy Old School Hip-Hop and the poetry that started it all.

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