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Keep your Confidence and Make it Happen

We all go through this; we all have a fear that keeps us back from pursuing what needs to be done. Generally, I believe it's the fear of the 'Unknown', we never know how its gonna go down. But, that's the point of taking 'Risks', if don't get out of your comfort zone then what's gonna change for you? My first show was in August, 2019, I have never performed in front of a crowd before and I remember the fear that I had when that very day came up. That fear tripled when my name was next on the list. But, let me tell you, that feeling of walking up on stage with the mic gripped and the silhouette of the crowd staring right at you. And, before you know it, your beat plays and that adrenaline kicks in and right there and then, you're in a whole another world. Nothing matters but you; the light is shining over you and everything else is darkened. A 3 minute song, feels like an eternity on stage and the reaction of the crowd is just icing on the cake.

That day changed my life; the fear of performing was gone and everything was so much easier. Now, the video above is a small snippet of my first performance. Music is truly magical and it's even more magical when you're the one creating it.

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