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Music and Dreams

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So, what is music to you? Just a thing you listen to when you're going through an emotional stage? Or, something you pull up when you wanna catch a vibe?

Music is Magical

That's the thing, music is so ambiguous! It can touch every emotion you're currently going through and possibly change your mind set, positively. To me, music is a tool that I use to vent all of my inner emotion onto a paper that I see has no boundaries.

Let's make it a reality!

I've always enjoyed music but that's when it was just a vision, nothing more. Now, it's a reality. I've been writing music (Specifically Lyrics) for years but I wasn't doing anything with it. Writing became a niche for me or more so therapeutic when I was dealing with a lot of personal issues stemming from a lot of factors. I wanted this to become my job; I want to be: a writer, poet, artist, producer, actor, author, and so much more. Mainly, an artist and the rest will follow through with patience, knowledge, and discipline. This, being my very first blog, I wanna introduce the formalities first. And that being said, I want to connect and teach other aspiring artist and/or writer, poet, or anybody who is interested about what it takes and what goes into music production. I'm not stopping there though, I want this to be a place where I can connect to my fans personally and have them see what I do in the background.

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