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The Beauty of Writing Music

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Now, this is a topic I'm gonna revisit numerous times and will break it down in increments. Obviously, I'm gonna talk about how I write music (lyrics), what draws my inspiration, and so much more. Music to me is like a medicine, it makes me feel better. I'm able to dish out all of my personal emotion onto a piece of paper and travel beyond any boundary with it. The best part about it is creating the words, topic/subject of your song, poem, story, etc... and there's just so many things to talk about. I love portraying a story within my songs and a lot of inspiration comes from my past experiences with life e.g adversities, hardships, relationship break ups, abandonment, that wonderful stuff. But, the thing with all of that is the 'Connection' it has with other people because one way or another, we all experience similar tribulations.

Let's Keep it Real

Writing is "Beautiful" and there's so much you can do with it. Now, when you're writing something to either a new single you're planning on releasing or any other literary work, something needs to inspire your thoughts. You need to have a topic or subject unless it's a freestyle and you're coagulating a bunch of topics together hastily. But, whenever I find or make a hot beat to my lyrics, that's the first thing I do. I'll start free styling to the beat and begin developing a topic to the song and go off of that. Now, I like to think of the beat as a blueprint, it tells you what to do. Where your verses go, hooks/choruses, and so on. Each beat (instrumental) has varying BPM's (Beats Per Minute.) This tells me how fast the tempo of my song should be, which also affects the flow or how you execute your verse/hook. Now, there's many ways around fitting as many words into a beat and that goes with either pronunciation of the word or not fully enunciating the word to fit in that next syllable. It all comes with practice, rehearsing, and studying other flows from other artists. With me, I would stay up all night, just listening to music, but I wasn't just listening, I was reading the lyrics. Studying, the transitions and conjunctions of the material and focusing on their literary devices.

"Why So Serious?"

There's a lot that goes into song writing and even I'm still learning. But, it's the passion that burns that makes me wanna learn as much as possible. Now, I'm talking years of studying and every time I write a song, I'll rehearse it, hundreds of times to ensure it's perfect for when I start recording. You never wanna rush something out and as you get better, the writing becomes a lot more easier. Another thing, I wanna mention is voice and breathing control. I love spitting that fast Sh%t but when can you breathe? That's the thing, you gotta create what I call 'Air Pockets' with in your raps and only you would know when to take that breath, that's why rehearsing is very important, to me anyways. But, again many people write and practice differently. I'm only scraping the surface of the process that I go through to write music. There's a whole plethora of factors that go in it and I'll probably touch more into another time.

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