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How to Perform in Front of a Crowd

So, you're just starting out, you have a couple singles made, you're getting used to the studio scenes, but now - it's time for you to perform. To most people, this is the scariest part and I completely agree but it's also very essential for you to build a fan base and a listening audience. So, let's jump right into it, performing is a great way to get your music out there and to meet your fan base, face to face. It's genuine and you're not hiding behind a recording but how can you overcome that fear factor? It's quite easy but at the same it isn't because a lot of people overthink the negative outcomes and how the crowd is judging you. One thing you need to understand is that you're not gonna be able to please everybody but the only thing that matters is how you feel about your music and what makes you happy. So, whenever you are performing, that's a note you need to keep in mind.

Mirrors and Animals

You're gonna think this is crazy or maybe not but practicing in front of a mirror can be super beneficial, It's just you, your reflection and the make believe stage. Best believe it's honing your mind for when the that reflection turns into a cheering crowd and the passion that burns with in you is your guide for it all. But what's the difference, many of us sing like we're performing at the BET awards whenever we take a shower, so try singing or rapping in front of yourself. Besides you are you're biggest critic. Another way, I recommend would be to perform in front of your pet (if you have one.) Not only are you spending time with your furry companion but you're training yourself to perform in front of somebody. And the best thing about it is your pet is gonna love you regardless of how you performed. Unless, you have one of those grumpy cats that hide from you and only come out when your bring them food.

You Vs. The Crowd

The time is here, you got yourself a show and you're seconds away from walking up onto the stage and tearing that sh%t up.

Okay, this is when you're nerves kick in and all of those negative notions come flooding in. One thing, you need to keep in mind is why you're doing this. Of how far you've come and that you're not going to let anybody stop you from living your dream. Most times or from what I experienced from my shows - is that the crowd is mostly darkened out like a silhouette. The shining lights and special effects is definitely going to impede your vision, so it's almost like a crowd isn't even there. But, unfortunately this isn't always the case, when you're set amid of your performance, focus only on the song and nothing else. Don't look at the crowd and let the beat take you to another realm and just flow. I can't tell you how many times this happened of when I performing and I gradually became comfortable as my beat played.

It's definitely the best feeling when you've finally performed and it's over. You're not only gonna get better but it's also gonna get easier. As time goes on, the crowd will get bigger and you're going to be ready.

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