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Top 5 Rappers You Need to Check Out

There's many factors that go into rapping and these rappers right here definitely highlight with in the crowd.



Logic, is definitely ill but the thing that stands out to me the most is the meaning behind his lyricism. In songs such as: "Dear God" and "1-800-273-8255," Logic, portrays a story that connects to his fans on a more personal level. In the song, "Dear God," Logic envelopes his listeners with a melancholic beat that compliments his sincere word play that showcases the pandemonium the young artist as endured. On one part of the song, Logic states, "What about the time, I was nine and my Mama almost murdered me? Don't think I forgot that shit, it still burdens me. Her bare hands tight around my throat, 'I can't breathe,' I screamed, 'I can't breathe Mama.' The words alone carry a shocking tone of life's reality and the public abstract of domestic violence in which many people handle in their day to day life. Logic, not only possesses lyricism but the trait of versatility. Songs such as: "Rapman" and "Spotlight" definitely accentuates upon the fact that Logic can switch a style up and flow with it like water down a stream.


Dax, is an upcoming multi-talented artist that gained his recognition through his consistency with music and remixes of the following songs such as: "Changes" and "Hit em Up" by Tupac as well as "Rap God" and "Killshot"by Eminem. Such as Logic, Dax, takes the meaning of his songs and connects it to his fans and personal life to create a sincere remedy of music. However, Dax, also carries a caliber of lyricism with in his arsenal. Songs such as: "Godzilla" (a remix of Eminem's 'Godzilla') executes a well ridden flow in addition to his multi syllabic rhyme scheme. According to Dax, poetry was the spark for his affirmation of music. Much like myself, writing poetry was a huge leading factor for his start in the music industry. Dax, is most certainly an inspiration to me when it comes to my music and the poetry bit tightened the connection as well, IT'S DAX!


Token was an overnight phenomenon given his participation in the "No Sucka MC" competition hosted by Kato. I'm gonna be real here for a second, but his submitted video was sick and I can see why it blew up the following day. Token, just like the following artists listed, holds his own in terms of lyricism and flow. The complexity of his word play definitely shines in songs such as: "Code Red" and "Doozy." Starting from a very young age, Token introduced himself to the biz by his consistency for music, zealous personality, and his unique style. "Exception," was the first song I heard from him and was surprised by the message he got across and thus being his earlier work as well. Token, is definitely talented and I can't wait to see what he has in store for 2020.


Hopsin, is a very talented artist that deserves so much more attention in the industry than what he has now. I'm not saying he's unknown but his music is truly fantastic. I was introduced to Hopsin at a very young age, being exposed to a song called "Sag my Pants." The reverberating beat sat well with the lyrics he was spewing and honestly was a reason why I write music myself; the song was great! Just like blonde hair and earrings was to Slim Shady, white ominous contacts were to Hopsin, the alter ego that created 'Raw' music that had no boundary or limitations is what makes it great. Nowadays, we don't get a lot of that and the 'I don't give F%&*" attitude fits well with Hopsin's image. In recent news in 2020, Hopsin is doing well and is working on a new album. Like many other artist listed and not listed, Hopsin, is another inspiration that helped me through a lot tough times.

Joyner Lucas

Catching the attention of Eminem and even being featured on one of his songs tells you a lot. Joyner's a great artist that holds a lot of potential when he grips the mic. And many of his songs carry a strong meaning such as: "Devil's Work" and "I'm Not Racist." Joyner's lyrical ability is dope as hell and his unique style and distinctive voice definitely shines whenever I'm listening. Talented and all, the man certainly wants to spread a message but like many artist (including myself) wanna have a little fun whenever we're in the lab. Example of that being would be: "Gucci Gang Remix" where Joyner takes a stab at Lil Pump while using Pump's concept of the song and (in my opinion) blatantly makes it better. Joyner, consistently dishes out great content and is hitting 2020 hard with releases from his ADHD project.

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